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We help private equity firms and their advisors find and unlock the potential of companies

Deltabase AI-powered benchmarking and intelligence provides specific and actionable company intelligence to M&A deal teams that lets them benchmark the capability of target companies versus competitors, accelerating DD and revealing value creation opportunities.


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How we add value:

Origination: Gain unprecedented insight into the competitive position of companies of interest and use this to qualify targets, have better informed conversations with management and guide focus for due dilligence.
Pre-deal: Benchmark capabilities against competitors to discover strengths, weaknesses and value creation opportunities with or without access to management.
Pre-exit: Get an independent view of strengths, weaknesses and further value creation opportunities of a portfolio asset relative to its competitors ahead of exit, enhancing the value story and mitigating diligence issues.


Case Studies

For real world examples of where Deltabase has provided digital benchmarking and insight to our customers, please follow the links to our published case studies:


Gymshark Deltabase were commissioned to provide Digital Transformation and insight on Gymshark with a specific focus on the Next best Actions the company could take to transform its Digital capability.
AA AA plc were looking to secure investment to re-align the companies debt overheads and accelerate their journey to becoming a leading global insurance and road-side rescue brand. Case Study

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