Salary Intelligence

Effortlessly acquire thousands of salary data points from open sources and compare min, max and average salaries by function, level and location.

When used across a peer set of competitors, this can illuminate areas where salaries are below, and where they exceed, competitor rates.

This product can be combined with other benchmarking products to add extra insight:

✔ When combined with Employee Sentiment Analysis, employee satisfaction with pay & rewards can be compared with actual salaries versus competitors.

✔ When combined with Company Headcount Analysis, cost modelling can be completed to compare and contrast organisational costs across a peer set, highlighting cost reduction opportunities or areas of under-investment.

Features and Benefits

  • Pinpoint & quantify churn risk

    Compare salaries by function and location versus key competitors to identify specific cohorts at highest churn risk.

  • Complete outside-in cost modelling

    Combine with Deltabase company headcount data to model salary costs versus competitors.

  • Non-invasive and 100% ‘outside-in’

    By leveraging OSINT techniques, no input is necessary from companies included in the benchmarking exercise.

Use Cases

  • M&A due diligence (people / HR / Ops DD)
  • M&A value creation (cost modelling)
  • People advisory (cost reduction, operating model reviews; org design; talent acquisition & retention; and compensation and benefits strategy)
  • Business development

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