Web traffic analysis

Benchmark the performance of a company’s website against its competitors.

Understand relative traction and engagement with online audiences, including:

  • Comparable web site performance stats (e.g. Domain Authority, search presence, bounce rate, and others)
  • Last 12 months of traffic
  • Split of traffic between desktop and mobile devices
  • Geographic breakdown of visitors
  • Traffic sources (e.g. direct, search, paid ads)
  • Top referral websites

Features and Benefits

  • Web traffic composition

    Compare traffic volumes, source and origins to understand the digital marketing strategy of each company and the effectiveness of each company’s web channel.

  • Trending

    Understand changes in traffic volume over time across a peer set to observe gains and losses relative to competitors and any seasonality in website visitor numbers.

  • Like-for-like competitor benchmarking

    Find strengths & weaknesses relative to competitors to uncover value creation opportunities.

Use Cases

  • M&A due diligence (CDD, Tech DD for technology assets, value creation)
  • Consulting (commercial strategy, digital transformation, digital marketing, customer experience)
  • Business development

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