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Our Dx Index

The Dx Index is a regularly updated list of the publicly traded companies that we’ve assessed and scored with our Dx Intelligence Reports.

Company Overall Dx Score Rank Sector Report link
Severn Trent 608 16 Utilities Full Report
The AA 563 19 Insurance Full Report
Microsoft 972 1 Technology Full Report
Amazon 933 2 Technology Full Report
Google 920 3 Technology Full Report
Facebook 919 4 Technology Full Report
Apple 895 5 Technology Full Report
Netflix 867 6 Media Full Report
Rolls-Royce 771 8 Industrial Goods and Services Full Report
Unilever 781 7 Personal Care, Drug and Grocery Stores Full Report
Admiral Group 763 9 Insurance Full Report
BP 714 11 Energy Full Report
Coty 592 17 Personal Care, Drug and Grocery Stores Full Report
Cellnex Telecom 578 18 Telecommunications Full Report
United Utilities 562 20 Utilities Full Report
Shell 749 10 Energy Full Report
Repsol 682 12 Energy Full Report
AstraZeneca 675 13 Health Care Full Report
Pfizer 669 14 Health Care Full Report
Novartis 668 15 Health Care Full Report
Gymshark 549 21 Retailers Full Report
Thames Water 547 22 Utilities Full Report
Yorkshire Water 520 23 Utilities Full Report
Company Overall Dx Score Rank Sector Report link

Benchmarking digital capability across thousands of businesses without preference or bias allows us to identify the most valuable opportunities for our clients and connect them to the best delivery partners.

In fact, our rapid and independent benchmark of digital capability is the only one of its kind – based on our comprehensive 1,000-point assessment, our insight is accurate, robust, and actionable.

Our Dx Index contains a selection of the companies within our growing dataset of benchmarked companies. Please enquire about access to our platform to find out whether you would benefit from access to our full and complete dataset.

Requiring no input or permission from the company itself, we can rapidly and accurately benchmark any company against its competitors and our global index.

Dx Index
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We have also benchmarked many privately-owned mid-cap companies across a wide range of sectors for our private equity customers.

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