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Company Intelligence: What is OSINT and why does it matter?

Intelligence techniques, proven in fields such as defence intelligence, represent a significant missed opportunity for most businesses. There are huge untapped benefits from the types of actionable insight to be gained from OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) techniques. Most lack the expertise, experience, and tools to harness the power of the world’s information. In this blog, we’ll

Fortune favours the brave: Why Boots could be worth more than Morrisons and Asda

Fortune favours the brave: Why Boots could be worth more than Morrisons and Asda

Boots has been a familiar name on the British high street since its first herbal medicines store was opened in Nottingham in 1849. Since then, it has gone on to become a household name in health and beauty. Few people realise that it was the Boots R&D team that discovered Ibuprofen in 1961. Today, Boots

Deltabase – 2021 in review

As 2021 draws to a close, it’s a great chance reflect on another year of growth for us. It’s been a bumper year for us and our consulting and deals advisory clients. We’ve loved getting our team back together in the office and delivering great value for our customers. Highlights of 2021 include: Reviewing over

5 steps to using AI ethically in your organisation

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more advanced as people discover the importance of using technology to interact with customers with chat bots, applying intelligence to automate processes, or applying technology to improve the accuracy of financial forecasts. The examples of AI are ever increasing, and becoming more important with every day.  As with any new technology,

A data-driven approach to digital maturity

This article was first published by Deltabase independent advisor Prof. David J. Harding on Tech Monitor, 5 April 2021.  Link to the original article here. Professor David J Harding is a business management consultant and executive coaching professional at The Harding Method with over 25 years of IT enabled business transformation experience. Monitoring their maturity

How to make Digital Transformation a reality

Recent innovations have forced every company to undergo digital transformation. Research by BCG showed that 70% of digital transformation projects fall short on delivering their expected objectives. Businesses should therefore adopt measures to redress the challenges faced during the transformation. Having assessed over 100 companies against the Deltabase 6-factor assessment model in the last year, we’ve

Digital due diligence is now about future-proofing a company

This article first appeared on PE Newswire 01/02/2021 – 3:11PM By Phil Spratt, co-founder of digital intelligence service Deltabase – With the economic fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic suppressing some sectors, the attention of the private equity industry is now even more acutely focused on assets in the resilient SaaS technology sector and on firms that

The Lockdown bounce – is your business digitally ready to respond to disruption?

It has become even more evident from the COVID-19 lockdowns that it is the businesses that have embraced digital that will be those that have the resilience to survive and thrive through a disruptive event such as this. A case in point has been the businesses that have seen demand for their products increase exponentially. 

Battle of the FAANGS – who is winning the digital crown?

2020 is the year that has brought digital to the front and centre of business strategy.  With the COVID-19 pandemic those that have survived and thrived are the ones who have managed to embrace digital, adapt, and find a way to win whilst the world’s population has been locked indoors. Our leading Digital Transformation benchmark

Admiral sets a high-water mark for digital maturity of insurers

As the UK’s leading car insurer and a global insurance group, Admiral has long invested in technology and digitalisation as a foundation for long-term growth. In 1995 it was the first UK insurer to launch a website. In 2002 it launched as the first online insurance aggregator. Since then, Admiral has been a leader

Webinar – The digital edge

As part of the XPX Exit Planning Exchange ‘Expert Insight Discussion’ in September 2020, Deltabase CEO Phil Spratt, and Deltabase CTO David Rowe presented a webinar on ‘How to Increase PE and M&A investment potential during uncertain times’. Phil and David set the scene of why digital transformation is important now in a post-COVID-19 pandemic

Be Curious…Challenge…Collaborate.

One of the unexpected joys of working from home during lockdown is seeing your talented family members working from home and hearing conversations that would never normally be heard in the domestic setting. Whether it is your 11-year-old learning physics, your 8-year-old ‘educating their teacher’ about the 12 tasks of Hercules or your partner being

Case Study – Rolls Royce Plc

Client Sector: Consulting Client: Confidential Commission Date: April 2020 Deltabase contact: Phil Spratt Context: Rolls-Royce has been through a turbulent time following the COVID-19 pandemic, and the resulting drop in commercial air travel.  It’s business it dependent on its ‘engine-as-a-service’ business model that means it earns on its maintenance contracts based on the flying hours

Case study – Admiral Group Plc

Client Sector: Consulting Client: Confidential Commission Date: April 2020 Deltabase contact: Jonathan Every Context: Admiral has been an exemplar of digital in the insurance market, having been the first to launch its website in 1995, and embrace digital channels of engagement with customers.  It has taken a pioneering approach, with some mixed success over the

Case Study – AA Plc

Deal Type: Take-private Scoring Date: August 2020 Deltabase contact: Alastair Whiteley Deal context: AA plc were looking to secure investment from an investor to re-align the companies debt overheads and accelerate their journey to becoming a leading insurance and roadside rescue brand. What we did: Deltabase assessed the digital transformation capabilities of AA Plc to

Case Study – Gymshark

Deal Type: Growth equity (minority stake) Advisor: PwC (sell-side) Commission Date: April 2020 Deltabase contact: Alastair Whiteley Deal context: Gymshark were looking to secure investment from a growth equity investor to drive further international expansion and accelerate their journey to becoming a leading global fitness brand. What we did: Deltabase were commissioned to perform a

Watch out Adidas, Nike – there’s a shark in the water

Britain’s newest unicorn start-up is poised to take the fight for workout apparel supremacy to global giants Adidas and Nike after investment from US-based private equity firm General Atlantic (GA) valued the firm at $1.45B. Started in a midlands garage in 2012 by then teenage fitness enthusiast Ben Francis, the D2C (direct to consumer) eCommerce brand has enjoyed dramatic growth – partly owing to a successful and sustained digital marketing campaign which involved community-building, influencers and video content creation

Six factors of digital transformation that will unlock your full potential

‘Digital’ is clearly going to be a key theme as businesses start to emerge from COVID-19. Business has been upended. Successful business models that have worked for decades have been put on pause or irreparably damaged overnight, while customer habits are changing rapidly to cope with a new environment. EY report “COVID-19: Which critical choices