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Creating the perfect research analyst to accelerate business mission outcomes.

Our AI platform


We have developed a unique AI platform that gives our customers access to the perfect company research analyst.

Faster than ever before, our platform rapidly collects and processes high impact data on companies from the world’s open sources and accurately benchmarks business performance against competitors.

For the first time, our customers have access to clear like-for-like company benchmarking providing them with the knowledge advantage to discover otherwise hidden client strengths and weaknesses.

With access to our comprehensive intelligence suite, our customers can differentiate themselves with valuable insight across client products & services, customer sentiment, workforce, culture and technology.

This enables them to accelerate their client impact, increase win rates and power advisory & due diligence engagements.


Fastest turnaround: 3h 42m

Our AI platform rapidly collects and processes deep insight on companies from the world’s open sources, dramatically accelerating company research.


Accuracy rate >90% vs client-provided data

Our customers trust our data in high-stakes scenarios such as M&A due diligence and have validated accuracy against client-provided information.


83% win rate, 2,450% ROI

Our comprehensive and valuable insight differentiates our customers; enabling them to accelerate client impact, increase win rates and power data-led advisory & due diligence engagements.

How it works

Gather publicly & commercially available data on companies

The Deltabase AI platform gathers publicly available data on companies, such as employee reviews and scores, employee profiles, customer reviews, headcount data, technology in use data.

Deltabase proprietary AI data gathering and processing algorithms and large language models

Our expertly trained machine learning algorithms and large language models process the data into actionable intelligence, enabling you to benchmark target companies against a peer set of competitors.

Actionable intelligence and benchmarking to accelerate your success

Customers access our intelligence outputs through our Platform, or through our custom excel outputs. 

Our intelligence is easy to interpret, actionable and rapid.

"Deltabase brought a sharp and objective perspective which was 100% data-led, making it irrefutable. Our client was able to see where it truly stood versus a key competitor for the first time."

Olivia Buckle-Wright, Partner


Big 4 Deals Team
"Great data, the client loved it and has led to many more discussions."


People in Deals, Big 4

Big 4 Deals Team
"This is like an Experian for digital maturity scoring"

Paul Haggerty, Vice President


"Significant value to be gained from the platform, particularly in some of the comparable benchmarking capabilities"

Senior Manager

‘Big 4’ Deals Team

"The speed at which this analysis is done can allow for early [client] conversations to take place"


‘Big 4’ Consulting Firm

"An accurate and comprehensive snapshot of the company’s digital transformation capability with immediately actionable feedback – all without any distraction to the management team."

Duncan Ramsay, Partner

ECI Partners


Open-Source Intelligence
(acronym: ‘OSINT’) noun

“A structured multi-methods (qualitative, quantitative) methodology for collecting, analysing and making decisions about data accessible in publicly and commercially available sources to be used in an intelligence context.”

Dx Transformation

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