Customer sentiment

Benchmark customer sentiment towards a company’s products and services.

Topic-level sentiment available across a wide range of topics:

✔ Customer support

✔ Value for money / pricing

✔ Renewals (subscription / policy-based products)

✔ Digital experience (e.g. banking, insurance, utilities)

✔ Product quality (physical products)

✔ Delivery timescale (physical products)

✔ Usability (software & apps)

✔ Ease of deployment (software)

✔ Integration (software)

✔ Flavour & taste (food & beverage)

✔ Nutrition / health benefits (food & beverage)

✔ Pack sizing (consumables)

✔ Sizing (clothing)

✔ Bespoke topics also available

Features and Benefits

  • Topic-level sentiment scoring

    Identify product & service strengths and weaknesses; benchmark companies against their competitors at a topic level.

  • Time-series analysis

    Identify specific topics that are showing an improving or worsening trend over time to qualify commercial & competitive risk and opportunity.

  • Curated review excerpts

    See specific review comments mapped to topics to understand the voice of the customer.

Use Cases

  • M&A due diligence (CDD, Tech DD for technology assets, value creation)
  • Consulting (commercial strategy, pricing optimisation, digital transformation, customer experience)
  • Business development

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