Employee sentiment & culture

Employee sentiment & culture

Benchmark company culture and sentiment towards employee value proposition and employee experience.

Compare sentiment across a wide range of topics:

✔ Supportive leadership team

✔ Progressive mindset

✔ Empowerment

✔ Collaboration

✔ Agility & bureaucracy

✔ Workplace technology

✔ Pay & rewards

✔ Work-life balance

✔ Learning & development

✔ Career progression

✔ Diversity & inclusion

Features and Benefits

  • Topic-level sentiment scoring

    Make culture measurable and benchmark companies against their competitors at a topic level.

  • Time-series analysis

    Identify specific topics that are showing an improving or worsening trend over time and measure the impact of internal or external events.

  • Curated review excerpts

    See specific review comments mapped to topics to understand the voice of the employee.

Use Cases

  • M&A due diligence (people / HR / human capital risks & opportunities)
  • M&A integration (culture compatibility assessment)
  • People advisory (strategy, transformation, culture, employee experience, employee value proposition)
  • Business development

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