Tailored timeline (people focus)

Tailored timeline (people focus)

A rich picture of a company’s verified events across the last 5-10 years, compared against its key competitors.

The focus of such a timeline can be tailored to include:

✔ Operating model changes
✔ People initiatives (incl. culture, L&D, D&I)
✔ Headcount reduction
✔ Recruitment drives
✔ Key leadership appointments

Features and Benefits

  • Tailored & curated

    Rapidly understand the people context of a company and its competitors.

  • Compare and follow timing of key company news & events

    Build a picture of where a company sits on its people agenda and whether it is leading or lagging its competitors.

  • Links through to source

    Click through to article sources for further reading and proof of provenance.

Use Cases

  • M&A due diligence (people / HR / human capital risks & opportunities)
  • M&A integration (culture compatibility assessment)
  • People advisory (strategy, transformation, culture, employee experience, employee value proposition)
  • Business development

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