Technology in use

Get a comprehensive listing of software products and cloud service providers in use at a company.

>19,000 technology products mapped to >30 categories of technology in use including:

✔ Finance (ERP, EPM)

✔ Sales, Service & Marketing (CRM, Marketing Automation)

✔ Supply Chain (SCM, WMS, Inventory Management, Procurement)


✔ Process Automation (RPA, BPM, Process Mining)

✔ Data & Analytics (BI, Data Warehouse, ML, Analytics, Data Integration, MDM)

✔ Infrastructure (Cloud, Virtualisation, Cyber Security & IDAM)

✔ Development tooling (Agile & DevOps, Testing, Development Languages)

✔ Industry-specific tooling (e.g. insurance, banking, investment management, manufacturing, ecommerce, retail, automotive, enterprise asset management)

Features and Benefits

  • Triangulated across multiple sources

    We optimise the accuracy of tech intelligence by acquiring technographic data from multiple sources and triangulating to job adverts, LinkedIn profiles and B2B case studies.

  • Primary solutions highlighted

    When multiple overlapping solutions are detected, we use our triangulation methods to highlight the solution identified as primary for each category.

  • Deeper-dives available upon request

    When required, we can often use our OSINT techniques to ascertain when a system was deployed, which SI implemented it and what version a company is running.

Use Cases

  • M&A due diligence (Tech DD)
  • M&A integration (identify technology overlaps, value creation)
  • Consulting (IT strategy, digital transformation, data & analytics)
  • Business development

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