Technology operating model

Understand the size and composition of a company’s in-house technology teams by sub-team, location and seniority.

Technology sub-teams often include (non-exhaustive):

✔ Product management
✔ Development & engineering
✔ Data science & analytics
✔ IT service & support
✔ Cloud & infrastructure
✔ Strategy & architecture
✔ Cyber security

Benchmark companies against their competitors to identify areas which appear over-indexed or under-indexed versus peer-set averages.

Features and Benefits

  • Like-for-like tech team comparison

    Identify size of technology teams relative to total headcount to understand scale of in-house technology capability versus competitors and peer-set averages.

  • Geo analysis

    Identify geographic distribution of technology teams, and understand the use of low-cost geographies.

  • Focus areas for recent recruitment

    Analyse team tenure and composition of new joiners to understand where companies have invested most in technology recruitment.

Use Cases

  • M&A due diligence (Tech DD)
  • M&A integration (identify technology overlaps, value creation)
  • Consulting (IT strategy, digital transformation, data & analytics)
  • Business development

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