Our benchmarking and insight drives smarter decisions, accelerated sales and greater returns

We fuse data science with defence intelligence techniques to provide specific, accurate and actionable insight on companies.

We work with Private Equity clients, M&A Advisors and leading Management Consultancies to deliver knowledge advantage faster and more cost-effectively than any alternative on the market.

For each company we assess and benchmark, we acquire millions of data points and develop a rich evidence base that provides valuable insight.

Through our products and services, our customers leverage the power of this insight to drive smarter decisions, accelerated sales and greater returns.

Our services

What we do

Our products are aligned to your needs, from getting an initial scan of intelligence available to assess the capabilities of a company, through to a full Intelligence Report to get a rapid and accurate assessment of a companies capabilities and the opportunities available:



1. Intelligence Scan

Ideally suited to make a quick initial assessment to get to know a potential target company, our intelligence scan analyses a company against 2 key competitors to discover relative strengths and weaknesses. Scope includes executive team composition, in-house skills, recruitment, technology stack, employee sentiment, customer sentiment, products & services and digital channel performance. 

2. Benchmarking & Insight

Our independent and data-led 1,000-point assessment of a company’s digital transformation (Dx) capability has been described as “an Experian for digital maturity”.  Our PE clients use it to provide comprehensive insight into a target investment or portfolio company. Meanwhile our consulting customers use the insight during the sales process to get a detailed view in to their clients or on a project delivery engagement. 

3. People Analytics

Our People Analytics service focuses on the human & cultural characteristics, strengths and opportunities within a company. Understand key stakeholders. Benchmark in-house capabilities (skills, teams) versus competitors, analyse employee sentiment and cultural characteristics. Map a company’s headcount by location, grade and function to inform cost reduction focus areas and benefits. 

We also offer a Bespoke Intelligence Brief to leverage our data, expertise and insight to meet your needs.

Contact us for a confidential discussion on how we might be able to help. 


How it works

Our assessment follows 5 steps:


Nominate & evidence scan

You nominate any company.

We review data sources to assess strength of evidence base and confirm viability.


Evidence Gathering

After setting the brief, we kick off human-led, machine-supported research and evidence capture.


Assessment & Scoring

Our scoring algorithms translate evidence into digital maturity benchmark.


Report Production

Our Dx experts review evidence & scoring to create a clear actionable intelligence report.


Playback and Q&A

We play back our findings and provide opportunity for Q&A.

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